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A Leader in Commodity Trading.


About Us

Foresight Planning is an Asset Management and Commodity Trading Firm that has been operating from New York since 1998. Our company specializes in taking Commodities from Sellers, with pre-arranged offset positions already established. We also source for Buyers as per their specific requirements.


We strive on developing business relationships that bring value to all concerned. Focus is on making links with worthy partners, who are credible and trustworthy. Then we seek to maintain the relationship to ensure optimal benefit to all concerned, with growing mutual trust, which will ensure the longevity of the working partnership.


By achieving this goal, we have established long term relationships with well performing partners that ensures continuing growth with enduring integrity in the commodities trading world. We have familiarized very well with the sourcing, funding and procurement process, having well established relationships with key players in the transaction. FORESIGHT PLANNING GROUP is connected directly with well established international Refineries, Resellers, Trade Desks of Majors and Traders of high, well tested caliber. We have very good relationships with major financial institutions and can help with necessary guidance at any stage of the funding process.


We are very conversant with the storage tank process and other necessary Logistics. If need be we are in a position to guide our clients towards the best possible options and solutions for the required Logistics for any given transaction. Be it at Rotterdam or any Russian, American, South American or Asian port.


FORESIGHT PLANNING GROUP was established in 1998 in New York, by CEO and Managing Director Paul Olakkengil. It has continued to grow and flourish as a premier company creating a reputation for Reliability and Trustworthiness in the world of Commodity Trading and Asset Management.


Our Founder Paul Olakkengil, has been licensed as a Trader and Principal with the New York Stock Exchange since 1998.  Paul holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws Degrees.


He has trained as a Civil and Criminal Attorney. Paul graduated as a Retirement Specialist from the Wharton School of Business and has received training in Asset Management at Harvard University.





FORESIGHT PLANNING GROUP is based on high standards of Morality and Integrity. Our Corporate Board works together as a well-organized, mutually complimenting, smoothly functioning entity.


Meticulous Due Diligence is a cornerstone of our operation style and ensures careful risk management. This combination of Foresight, perception, business acumen and well established principles of corporate governance, provides us with a very strong foundation that steers a clear course though the chapters of Commodity Trading and Asset Management.


We are very conscious of our Social Responsibility as a corporation and are always striving to provide the best possible solutions, and are committed to enhancing the lives of the communities that we are fortunate to serve.






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